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Dinalog and TKI Logistics merge to become TKI Dinalog

13 July 2015

The merger between Dinalog, Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics, and TKI Logistics is complete. The two foundations will proceed under the name TKI Dinalog. NWO, TNO and Dinalog will work together in TKI Dinalog on logistics and supply chain management innovation.

Remco Overwater, managing director Dinalog, moves to Siemens

15 June 2015

Dinalog managing director Dr. Remco Overwater bids farewell to the institute he has been involved with from the start. From July 1 he is to start as Head of Sales and Project Execution at Siemens Post, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL).

Impact of innovation in the chemical industry

10 June 2015

The chemical industry in the Netherlands accounts for about 10% of all transport. With a load factor of 60% it is far from efficient. It is the objective of 4C4CHEM to achieve a higher yield from this chemical logistics supply chain.

Impact of innovation in multi-modal cold chains

09 June 2015

Visbeen Transport Groep transports temperature-controlled products over road, water and rail and does this in more than 25 European countries.