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Call JPI Urban Europe

NB: deze tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

Now open: Joint Call for Proposals 2013: Research and experimental development for creating attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas


JPI Urban Europe Call

Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe is dedicated to strengthen European research and innovation in the field of urban development. This Call for Proposals is working to that goal by combining resources available for research and innovation that has traditionally been allocated nationally, and enable the funding of transnational projects with the potential to observe, explore, understand, and experiment with aspects of urban life that goes beyond what can be addressed in a single country, as well as make possible cooperation between researchers and inventors in different countries. JPI Urban Europe invites you to form a consortium and suggest such projects, focusing on approaches with high potential for creating a clear added value from the specific form of international cooperation proposed. In addition to international cooperation, JPI Urban Europe aims at bringing together partners from different parts of society and promote interactions between researchers, policy makers, business and practitioners and civil society. A total public funding of approximately 15 M€ is jointly made available by 13 funding organisations in 10 countries, listed overleaf. The final list of participating agencies is subject to formal approval (total number may increase or decrease). The funding agencies involved have different preferences for strategic research, applied research, and innovation, which need to be matched to the application.


Call Topics
Two broad topics have been defined for this second call of JPI Urban Europe:

1. Governance of urban complexity

Cities are getting increasingly complex and new forms and structures for governance may be required to deal with this.


2. Urban Vulnerability, Adaptability, and Resilience
Enhance understanding of and response to natural, environmental, social, economic and technological shocks as well as gradual changes.


Who is Eligible?
JPI Urban Europe invites transnational consortia to submit proposals for collaborative research and innovation projects. Consortia are encouraged to include partners representing different sectors, such as universities, research institutes, cities, companies, NGOs, or stakeholder associations. Consortia must include partners from at least three different countries from the list of participating countries (see table overleaf). Partners from third countries not officially participating in the Call are welcome in a consortium but they need to fund their activities from other sources. Additional national eligibility criteria apply. 


Why Apply?
This joint Call offers to its participants, beyond the funds made available, also access to JPI Urban Europe and its growing network of researchers, practitioners, stakeholders and experts in urban development. Programme activities include programme seminars, dissemination of results and a central programme website. JPI Urban Europe is funded by its constituting member states.


Application procedur / Time schedule

Full call documents will be published on the Urban Europe web site by the call opening day 18th of June.!

Project proposals will be evaluated in two stages, with an initial pre-proposal being evaluated mainly on originality, potential of the idea, and strength of consortium, followed up by a second complete proposal being requested for shortlisted projects.

Pre-proposal deadline: Sept 18, 2013
Short-list published: November, 2013
Full proposal deadline: Jan 21, 2014
Funding decision announced: April, 2014




Edwin Hubers!
NWO - Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research!
Social Sciences!
Telephone: +31 70 349 43 13!
E-mail: e.hubers@nwo.nl!
www.nwo.nl !


Dinalog's scope within the JPI Urban Europe

Within the scope and approach of the JPI Urban Europe Call, Dinalog specifically focuses on the logistics and supply chain aspects such as city distribution, city logistics, (logistics) accessibility of urban areas and logistics as a key enabler for the functioning of urban areas. The interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholders approach of the JPI Urban Europe will bring in the logistics component into the challenges facing urban environments in Europe as well as creating opportunities for making these environments attractive, sustainable and economically viable.


For further information about the national funding rules please  contact the National contact person for Dinalog: Arjan van Binsbergen: +31 6 140 151 10 or binsbergen@dinalog.nl