Cross Chain Collaboration Center (4C)

Cross-Chain Collaboration in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain

This book is about the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) supply chain and its management. The FMCG sector is core to the wealth and well-being of the developed countries. It is a mature industry that often took the lead in new business development, comparable to the role of the automotive sector. This book is about a concept that emerged only recently in the FMCG supply chain: the Cross-Chain Collaboration Center (4C) concept. We discuss the trends that explain its emergence. We provide insights into the hurdles to be taken and the available means to successfully implement 4C in FMCG. We make clear that there is a strong business case for cross-chain collaboration. But a business
case is a mirage, if we do not overcome the complexity of joined IT platforms, and the fear of loosing autonomy. This book is about success and failures of business process innovations.

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