International collaboration

Year book 2014 commitment to grow

The purpose of the LLLI-NL is to contribute in a consistent way to the national agenda’s on logistics both in The Netherlands (Top-sectors Logistics / Dinalog and Agrofood) and Indonesia (National Logistics Blueprint Sistem Logistik Nasional / SisLogNas). Improving the labor market and professionalizing the logistics capabilities are major drivers for its agenda. It does so by improving the triple helix collaboration in both countries, and exchanging best practices on multiparty collaboration, applied research, education and labor market relevance in and between the two countries. Indonesia, The Netherlands and Indonesian and Dutch companies are operating in an increasingly competitive environment (ASEAN and EU) and would like to attract better-educated and prepared employees and more applied and relevant research from universities. Indonesian universities like to improve their relevance to society (business, government, people) by creating a better match between supply and demand on the labor market. They have a challenge to make education more labor market oriented, and research more applied. Dutch universities of applied sciences like to improve the quality of education and graduates. One of their ambitions is to make education and research more applied, integrated and international. This is also in line with the internationalization objective of the top sector policy. Based upon the ambitions in both countries three main subjects for the Applied Research / Activity Agenda of the LLLI-NL has been defined:

• Supply chains of (fresh) food products, with explicit attention for remote areas;
• Professionalizing the Logistics Sector and Profession;
• Labor Market Issues (qualitative and quantitative).

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