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3 new courses Graduate Program Operations Management & Logistics

GP-OML is started by Beta and Trail research schools it offers a range of 4 day in-depth courses with a close connection to actual research. The courses are meant for graduate students and highly experienced professionals.

In the first 6 months of 2015 GP-OML offers 3 new courses:

  • Transport Logistics Modelling
  • Advanced Inventory Theory
  • Public Transport

At the GP-OML, the focus of the courses is on operations management problems in various domains and on scientific knowledge to handle these problems. For the analysis, several methodologies are being used, among which Operations Research (OR) techniques. At the PhD course program of the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (in Dutch: Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde; LNMB), the focus is on these OR techniques. Hence, the programs of the GP-OML and LNMB are complementary.

4 February – GP-OML – Cursus Transport Logistics Modelling

11 February –  GP-OML – 4 daagse cursus Advanced Inventory Theory

22 April –  GP-OML – 4 daagse cursus publiek transport

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For more information please contact Conchita van der Stelt,

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