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Business opportunities in the Logistics & Fintech Erasmus Challenge

Participate in the Logistics & Fintech Erasmus challenge, taking place 19-28 September 2017, to learn more about new business opportunities in logistics & fintech!

  • Are you a fintech company that wants to explore or enter the logistics market with your solution?
  • Or are you a logistics service company that is interested in optimizing your processes with digital solutions or finance your business?
  • Or are you a ICT company active in the logistics sector and curious how you can add payment, data or finance services to create value and reduce the need for working capital of your customers?

You have the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and creativity of 70 MSc students from Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University. They will generate market insights and new solutions in the short time frame of two weeks! It will require a limited investment of your time and will open up a world of opportunities at the intersection of logistics and fintech!

You can post your challenge to a team of students, that you would like the students to work on. To trigger your inspiration, here are some examples.

Learn more about the challenge process and important dates or submit your challenge right away!

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