Cross Chain Control Collaboration (4C)

Combining traditional retailing with online retailing

This article discusses an order batching strategy for combining orders from online and traditional retailing in order to increase the performance in the order picking process. Decreasing the time needed to pick the items releases a part of the pressure on other processes. Especially with the online retailing where the amount of 24-hours delivery orders is increasing. In order to have sufficient time for completing the 24-hours online orders, the remaining orders of online retailing and the traditional retailing should be processed as soon as possible. The solution in this article is suitable for parallel aisle warehouses with no cross-aisles. An existing batching algorithm is used in order to combine both online and traditional orders. With this batching algorithm the total distance per batch is decreased, and therefore total time needed to pick all the items in a batch is decreased.

Dirk Rodenburg, University of Groningen

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