Supply Chain Management

Discussion: Innovation in Integrated hinterland networks

On the 4th and 5th of May a high level delegation of the Dutch logistics topsector visited München around the Transport Logistics Fair. The studytrip was organised by Connekt and TLN. In the morning of 5 May, Dinalog facilitated a Roundtable discussion on “Innovation in Integrated hinterland networks” covering logistics innovations, operational challenges, competitive hinterland services and information systems.

Thorsten Huelsmann, CEO Effizienzcluster LogistikRuhr, challenged the Dutch private and public representatieve with German innovative solutions and required actions in technology, digitalization and flexible management methods. Dr. Christoph Koesters, CEO Verband Verkehrswirtschaft und Logistik Nordrhein-Westfalen (VVWL) elaborated from an operational and political perspective.

Rob Bagchus presented the successful concept of European Gateway Services to facilitate the increasing volumes requiring efficient hinterland distribution from the ECT terminal in Rotterdam to the hinterland. “We have to redefine the hinterland.”

Vincent Kobesen, CEO, and Matthias Hormuth, solutions director, of PTV Group, who kindly hosted the location for the roundtable discussion, concludeert the presentations with real-time data information system solutions for intermodal integrated hinterland networks.

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