Based on many positive reactions we received earlier, TRAIL and Beta are organising a 2nd  TRAIL Beta PhD conference on Tuesday 17 November next in het Muntgebouw in Utrecht.

The aim of this conference is to give PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing or finished work informally with colleagues from the universities, exploring joint interests and planning for any future joint work/publications, through parallel sessions and  posters.

In the morning (10 – 12 hr), we organise workshops:

–  Ethics of authorship, publishing and citing (by Prof. Caspar Chorus & PhD Dorine Duives – DUT)
–  Job Crafting (by Lonneke Dubbelt – TUE)
–  How to become the next professor or CEO? (by Prof. Henk Meurs – MuConsult)
–  How to balance practice and academic interests? (by Prof. Albert Veenstra – DINALOG)
In the afternoon (13 – 17 hr), 40 PhD students from Beta and TRAIL will present their work in the parallel sessions on:
 –  The effect of human behaviour
–   Traffic Management
–   Transport management and land use
–   Production maintenance materials coordination and transportation
–   Transport Freight Management
–   Quantitative models for analysis of operational processes.
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