Advanced Program in 3rd Party Logistics

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International Intensive Program| Lisboa 2015| Antwerp| Barcelona| Lisboa


Coordenação Científica: Sérgio Baptista. Master in business administration, with over 20 years experience in the International transport and logistics service providers industry.


Goals: The main goal of the program is to recycle the knowledge of 3rd party logistics companies’ professionals, decision makers in operational, management and supporting areas. The course addresses all managerial levels in logistics service providers, combining an International and intercultural approach, that aims at deepen the relationship amongst professionals from logistics services providers.


Approach: The course covers, in an integrated approach, areas such as logistics strategy, security and international trade, customs, challenges in international transport and supporting technologies. Held intensively for one week in the centre of Lisboa, it also provides an environment for networking between logistics decision makers and thought leaders in the industry.


Duration: 48 Hours.


Calendar: March 2015 (dates to be confirmed). From Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 17:00. Two networking dinners included in the fees.


Fee: 1.900€. International participants can benefit from hotel & accommodation agreements with nearby hotels (5 min. Walking distance from University)

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