Last Mile Logistics Conference

The Last Mile Logistics conference will take place within the frame of the IHK/HOLM expert group on Frankfurt commercial goods transport. Building on the activities of all related working groups, the conference will address urban planning perspectives and visions as well as alternative propulsion technologies.


The logistics of the last mile is concerned with the implementation of sustainable and efficient commercial goods traffic in urban areas. The goal is to relieve the city’s infrastructure while maintaining high efficiency and profitability of delivery and reverse cycle. Urban goods transport stands in many respects in a conflict of interest and claims for a fast and efficient delivery, for barrier-free city centers and the simultaneous requirement for environmentally friendly transport solutions.

Against this background, it is the objective of the  Last Mile Logistics Conference to bring together and balance the goals and interests of different stakeholders.

Please note that the event will be partly in German, but the relevant parts will be in English.


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