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Indonesian-Dutch Maritime Logistics Knowledge Exchange

On 15 October 2019, TKI Dinalog, Nuffic Neso Indonesia, and Erasmus University Rotterdam organised a maritime knowledge event for Dutch Alumni in the transport, logistics and maritime field. This event was held on 15 October 2019, in Jakarta.

This event was a success indeed, with more than 60 Holland alumni and professionals in the field of transport, logistics and maritime attended the event. The main goal of this event was to discuss the current state of affairs in the maritime industry in Indonesia. Prominent speakers from Indonesia and the Netherlands took part to introduce the current maritime developments in Indonesia and insights from research, which includes the R&D Director of Center Sea, Inland Shipping of the Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Sahattua Simatupang; Scientific Director, Dinalog, Prof.dr. Albert Veenstra; Senior Project Manager Ships, Team Leader Transport & Shipping at MARIN, Mr. Patrick Hooijman; and MEL alumni/ PhD candidate in transportation network, Rafiazka Hilman.

During his presentation, Albert Veenstra stated that Indonesia is a complex island nation, with uneven distribution of people and wealth. It is therefore, promote maritime transport and logistics infrastructure would bring a great benefit for Indonesia in a long-run.

This message was clearly conveyed by Mr. Sahattua Simatupang during his keynote speech. He further explained that the optimization of the maritime and shipping sector in Indonesia is essential because it helps the efficiency of the logistics distribution which eventually maintain the continuity and stability of the basic needs’ price, especially in the remote, outermost and border areas of Indonesia.

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