International collaboration

Initial Mapping of the European, National and Regional networks/platforms

This report, FP7 WINN Project Deliverable 2.2 “Initial Mapping of the European, National and Regional networks/platforms”, has been prepared by the team at CNC-LOGISTICA with contributions from DINALOG and ILIM and the review from DINALOG and ENIDE.
WINN (European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovation in Freight Logistics) aims to establish a broad collaboration framework built upon main stakeholders operating at European level (CO-Tree, EIRAC heritage), national and regional triple helix networks that include public bodies, companies, and excellence research centres in logistics operating in different countries in Europe. This will be the basis to constitute the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Logistics. This ETP will be led by industry being WINN the tool to support ETP developments and coordination initiatives. The ETP will constitute a discussion forum of both industry and authorities where common financial and business plans and eventually legislative actions to support the research may be agreed.
The objective of this task is to preliminarily map main regional clusters, national and European networks (EU-27) operating in the field of Logistics. This will help achieve the WP2’s main objective, i.e., to build a collaboration framework between already established networks in freight logistics operating in different areas and in different geographical levels. At the same time, these organizations are key elements of the Logistics community and essential stakeholders to achieve the success of planned European Technology Platform on Logistics..

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