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Intermodal route planner

A multi-modal freight terminal Transport companies, shippers and forwarders use a wide variety of ICT systems to improve their business operations, but smart ICT solutions can also help streamline entire freight transport supply chains. Weastflows partners CQM, INFORIT and Mobycon from the Netherlands have worked together to develop an online Intermodal Route Planner (IRP) to help ensure greater efficiency of freight deliveries and make better use of existing infrastructure capacity across North West Europe (NWE).

The IRP is a freely available resource to identify and plan optimal, more efficient and cost-effective journeys through more sustainable freight routes. Based on Open Street Map (an editable map of the world) and real data from providers, the IRP calculates the fastest freight route by road, rail and sea against estimated journey times across Europe, and provides associated costs. It is the first online route planner to allow different combinations of journey for all modes across Europe and which provides cost estimates. This integrated approach helps freight providers find feasible alternatives to road transport, therefore reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution.

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