Available now MOOC on circular performance management

Performance measurement is indispensable to professional logistics management. A performance measurement system supports the monitoring, control, reporting and improvement of processes. In recent years, a number of performance measurement systems have been developed for the circular economy. However, until recently performance measurements in the circular economy mainly focused on macro-economic level and circularity of products (product level). Performance measurement on supply chain level remained underdeveloped.

In the TKI Dinalog project “Use of performance measurements in circular chains,” NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente have carried out research into circular performance management in logistics management on both a theoretical basis and from the perspective of practical applicability.

In the MOOC, they share their findings in 20 short videos. Eleven are videos with a more theoretical perspective and nine are company videos. Together, the videos give a good first impression of the possibilities and importance of circular performance management.

The MOOC contains the following videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Circular economy and supply chain management
  3. Corporate video: HempFlax – maker of bio-based materials
  4. Circular supply chain management
  5. Company video: Vepa – office furniture manufacturer leading the transition to circular business
  6. Performance targets in circular supply chains
  7. Company video: AP – manufacturing company of panels and others that smartly optimises processes to reduce loss of materials
  8. Circular performance indicators
  9. Company video: EMMA SAFETY FOOTWEAR – safety footwear manufacturer that is pioneering circular design of its products and chains
  10. Material Passports
  11. Company video: Cirmar – creator of circular applications including materials passports
  12. Synergies and Trade-offs
  13. Company video: Dopple – development company for wireless technologies and wearables
  14. Data analytics
  15. Company video: IJslander – manufacturer of playground equipment that is committed to maximum utilisation of its products and scores maximum on the CO2 performance ladder
  16. Circular Supply Chain Analytics
  17. Company video: DutchFiets – circular startup of recyclable, long-life bicycles produced entirely in the Netherlands
  18. Digital transformation of the circular economy
  19. Company video: Brink Industrial – a fully circular production line has been developed with the Lune waste bins
  20. Circular performance management

We invite you to enlighten yourself and pursue a (more) circular business! Contact us if you want to know more about this MOOC, circular performance management or to participate in a “circular project”.

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