The R&D project 4C4more addresses one of the three main themes of the Innovation Program Logistics and Supply Chains: Cross Chain Control Centers, in short 4C. The key idea behind 4C is to create economies of scale and scope through inter- and intra-supply-chain collaboration.

Economies of scale refer to more efficient use of scarce physical resources and materials, whereas economies of scope refer to more effective use of scarce human resources. Creating such economies of scale and scope boosts profitability of companies involved in 4C activities, while more efficient use of scarce resources and materials contributes to a sustainable planet. It is our vision that 4C activities are essential for coping with ever more demanding customers, ever more complex product offerings to the market and ever more complex manufacturing and distribution networks.

It is recognized internationally that the Netherlands leads research on planning and control in supply chains.

The close links between research and industry here make this so unique, allowing the successful implementation of seed research. This strong scientific position and the sound track record of practical applicability of the scientific concepts developed are the basis for extending this to cross-chain planning and control. The establishment of Dinalog created a unique incubator environment for translating research into new business activities, such as cross-chain forecasting services, planning services, finance services, etc.

Facts & Figures

40 MSc students
8 start-ups
25 scientific papers

Startdate: 11 May 2010
Enddate: 30 Aug 2015