Cross-border retail logistics
Online sales are not limited by borders, e-fulfillment is. Consumer preferences with regard to e-fulfillment are different for each border/region. Cross-border online sales can only be successful if the logistics solutions employ the appropriate local method for last-mile distribution, or incentives and ‘demand management’ methods to address these different local preferences.

Cross-chain retail logistics
At operational logistics (time windows, collection and delivery points), tactical (stock locations and assortment planning) and strategic levels (market focus, partner selection), there is increasing integration between on and offline retail. Successful online sales models (national and cross border) will need to be altered and fine-tuned to be able to integrate the appropriate role for offline sales points on all 3 levels.

Chain integration.
In addition to web shops, other parties are being involved in the order-to-delivery management: logistics companies can perform both delivery and collection, but there can also be a role for suppliers and manufacturers (e.g. stock maintenance of spare parts for already sold products).

Customers can also be actively involved in the coordination of deliveries (e.g. through social media) and possible returns to prevent peaks in the settlement and no-shows. New ICT applications are being developed for this.