Conversion Factory

The Conversion Factory offers opportunities for developing tangible solutions for implementation.

The Conversion Factory helps companies to benefit from the recent scientific knowledge developed (world wide) by researchers working at universities and other research institutes on advanced logistics and SCM solutions. Trainees at Eindhoven University of Technology unlock, for daily business, hard to read research papers, turning knowledge into business solutions for you!

How does it work?
Logistics Management Systems program trainees work on complex commercial logistics problems for about 10 months. They are all following a two-year post-doctoral degree program to be trained in the application of knowledge in a business context. Trainees work in teams with a professor and an experienced business consultant. Conversion Factory project results can be a toolkit, a method, software, or a redesign of a supply chain.

What type of project?
A project qualifies for the Conversion Factory if we see commercial opportunities for recent scientific knowledge.

The Conversion Factory is open (but not limited) to projects involving
• Purchasing
• Warehousing
• Production
• Supply chain coordination
• Assembly
• Horizontal or vertical collaboration
• Distribution
• Service
• Storage

Possible objectives are the improvement of:
• planning and control
• efficiency and sustainability
• cooperation and coordination in the supply chain

Individual companies or groups of companies that aim to solve a problem together can apply for participation in the Conversion Factory. The request is assessed by Dinalog and the TU/e.