Dinalog On Tour

In 2010, a start was made with weekly breakfast sessions. In 2011 the program was extended by introducing company specials and seminars throughout the country. Dinalog on Tour organizes at least one session a week. in cooperation with the industry bodies, industry partners, knowledge institutes and the Dinalog Knowledge Distribution Centers.

During a session, an expert discusses a current topic for logistics innovation: professors with specific professional knowledge, entrepreneurs who share their experiences or a customs officer. In two hours, guests receive tips, tricks and tools for improving processes on the work floor. The 200+ companies and knowledge institutes in the consortia take part in these presentations, hold them too and pass on the news. So that an increasing number of people are aware of what is all happening at Dinalog and elsewhere in the Netherlands on the innovation of Logistics.

Dinalog also travels around the country with this story and speaks at seminars, fairs and conferences about the projects.

Facts & Figures

Startdate: 31 Dec 2011
Enddate: 30 Dec 2014