Dinalog Young Professional Exchange Program

The program aims to stimulate logistics service providers to innovate by offering them the chance to employ high potential professionals. Attracting young‘ hipo’s’is difficult for logistics companies, especially for SME’s, because the image of the sector is rather dull. By offering a program of training and challenging projects Dinalog wants to achieve two goals: improving the innovative force of logistic SME’s and their image.

There are benefits for both trainees and companies:
in training and development;
involvement in innovative projects;
involvement in a community of companies that aim to create business through innovation;
access to a community or team as sparring partner;
a knowledge base to deal with the challenges that companies encounter.

The program is co-developed with the Laurens Simonse Groep (LSG) and Venturn and is open to all companies in the logistics sector.

Facts & Figures

traineeship 1,5 year
8 trainees
5 companies

Startdate: 31 Dec 2011
Enddate: 30 Dec 2015