Future Framing (Seamless Connection)

Seamless Connections is a programme in which the logistics sector, government and knowledge institutes work together to implement substantive innovations in logistics chains in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Seamless Connections is about removing boundaries and obstacles between partners in the supply chain, both literally and metaphorically. ICT solutions (digitisation) play a significant role, but equally important is updating existing rules and practices and efficient use of the (multimodal) infrastructure. Seamless Connections does what its name says, and by creating seamless connections it enables the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to excel now and in the future in terms of speed, safety and reliability, low costs and sustainability.

Through the integration of existing information systems, the planning and steering of the entire processing chain can be markedly improved. Through better harmonization and coupling with planning systems, the transport efficiency will increase (shorter duration transport, higher loads) and, as a result, CO2 emissions will be reduced. Freeing up capacity without the need for fresh investment in infrastructure. Through reduced congestion, sustainability is improved (reduction in CO2-emissions).

Seamless Connections consists of a coherent network of pilot projects, all designed to advance, accelerate and/or associate the in and outbound processes within logistics chains. Seamless Connections aims to achieve practical and applicable results in the short term: after proving successful, the innovations are directly integrated in existing logistics processes.. The first pilot projects that started are:
Future Framing
Secure Lanes

Facts & Figures

9 pilotprojects
175 attendees

Startdate: 25 Nov 2012
Enddate: 31 Oct 2014