IZI Motive

Due to the conventional and hierarchical way in which the automotive aftermarket supply chain is organized and has been governed for many decades, this market is unable to adapt to the challenges of today. The objective of the project IZI Motive is to successfully demonstrate a new and innovative logistics 4C concept for the automotive aftermarket.

This new logistics concept will empower this sector to meet current-day customer expectations while simultaneously supporting important governmental and EU themes like traffic congestion and environment. The project is led by IZI Concepts in close cooperation with relevant actors from the supply chain and scientific field. These are Packs Special Care, Stor-e and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Until recently, there was no real incentive for the actors in this supply chain to change or challenge the status quo. However, trends and new developments have exposed the extent to which this supply chain is becoming increasingly unable to meet current-day market demands. These include:

Increasing customer awareness with respect to component pricing;
A sharp devaluation of the perspective held by auto shops and dealers of the value proposition of various actors in the supply chain;

Changing legislation that allows more entrepreneurial freedom with respect to the variety of categories of vertical agreements and concerted practices by auto shops and dealers.

Facts & Figures

supply chain costs: – 35%
2-3 part manufacturer
5 pre-selected auto shops

Startdate: 27 Nov 2011
Enddate: 31 Dec 2014