Logistics Accellerator

Is all about maximization of the impact of the Dinalog innovation program on the logistics sector and knowledge institutes in the South West of the Netherlands.

The regional development agency REWIN, Economisch Impuls Zeeland (the Province of Zeeland development agency), the Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Syntens, NHTV Breda (university of applied sciences), University of Tilburg, AiDC Consultants and Groenewout Consultants & Engineers have been working together with Dinalog on the regional innovation program Logistics Accelerator since 2010.

All the parties involved have logistics as one of their main focal points. The arrival of Dinalog in the south of the country encouraged these parties to bundle their efforts and develop new projects together. Dinalog organizes, manages and facilitates parties operating in ideal circumstances.

Logistics Accelerator activities focus on:

Development of a regional Knowledge Distribution Center (KDC)
Building on the existing network of regional partners, the development of a regional KDC (1 of 6) is supported, focused on the region South West Netherlands. The KDCs have national network coverage and will be geared towards the distribution, application, coordination and development of knowledge.

Service Logistics
The relationship between maintenance, service and (return) logistics is underdeveloped. Integration of these disciplines creates new opportunities.

Building new networks and communities
Part of the program is aimed at initiating and developing new logistics and supply chain initiatives.

Sustainable supply chains
In the South West Netherlands, providers of services and shipping are working together with knowledge partners to develop sustainable logistics services.

Zeeland’s role as a logistics hub
Through the development of knowledge, reinforcement of the hub role and the implementation of good ICT infrastructure, the program supports control tower propositions for the international flow of goods and information in Zeeland.

Facts & Figures

  • Strengthening the knowledge infrastructure
  • Drive on demonstrationprojects
  • +/- 25 new partnerships

Startdate: 16 May 2010
Enddate: 30 Dec 2014