Planning Services

Spare parts planning is a tricky discipline within logistics. Many companies manage this with standard systems and as a consequence have no access to essential forecast models. This leads to inefficiency, stock shortages or surpluses, raising costs unnecessarily. In the demonstration project Planning Services the spare parts for multiple companies are combined. From a single control center, stocks are managed for various companies and multiple logistics chains. This results in economies of scale and efficiency, as quantities are larger and can be purchased more competitively.

In the area of service logistics and Spare Parts Management, many companies struggle to ensure that a technical system they have been sold continues to function at its best at minimal integral costs. This project will make Spare Parts Planning Control Tower Technology available to SMEs and Large Scale Maintenance Organizations (LSMOs) and solve the HR problems (availability of required skills).

The project comprises 5 Work Packages. Within five years, this project will attract at least five foreign planning departments to the Netherlands and the provisioning of planning services to at least 20 Dutch SMEs. It is expected that at least five Dutch LSMOs will procure and use the developed Spare Parts Planning Control Tower (SPPCT) IT solution.

The expenditure by companies in this Control Tower Industry is expected to increase to the region of 30-40 million Euros inside 5 years.

The SPPCT idea comprises a unique and innovative business concept and a development approach that bridges the gap between scientific research and practice through the smart cooperation with knowledge institutes, development companies, ‘end customers’, and entrepreneurs in a single project. The valorization of this project is focused on ‘making it happen’.

Facts & Figures

Nedtrain R&O: 50% stock reduction
Marine: 13% stock value reduction

Startdate: 16 Dec 2010
Enddate: 31 Dec 2012