SCF Community

The Supply Chain Finance Community is a nonprofit organization with the aim to facilitate and accelerate the developments in Supply Chain Finance. Its members consist mainly of companies, active in manufacturing and distribution of goods and services, and knowledge institutes.

The mission of the Supply Chain Finance Community is to create awareness of the potential and benefits of SCF concepts and to develop activities, events and projects that support the dissemination and implementation of SCF methodologies, tools and instruments. All to the benefit of the stakeholders in the SCF-field

Goals of the Supply Chain Finance Community

• Create awareness of the SCF-concept and its benefits
• Collate, develop and disseminate knowledge and information
• Provide information solicited and unsolicited, proactively and reactively
• Leverage collaborative research with recognized academic institutes
• Make available deliverables of the SCF Council/Communities to a wider audience
• Offer facilities and organize events that support members and chains in implementing SCF tools and instruments in their operations

Facts & Figures

500 members
Research from 23 business schools

Startdate: 31 Dec 2012
Enddate: 30 Dec 2014