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Sustainable Logistics in Developing Markets with the World Bank

Dinalog supports the Dutch logistics sector’s international strategy through facilitating international projects and programs and business development based on the Dutch knowledge and know-how. One example is the collaboration with the World Bank and the Dutch government to enhance Sustainable Logistics in developing countries.

Logistics is now recognized as a key driver of competitiveness and economic development. Efficient logistics systems are a precondition for regions, countries, cities and businesses to participate in the global economy, boost growth and improve livelihoods. To improve Sustainable Logistics practices in the developing world, private sector technologies and innovations, as well as governmental policies and academic knowledge need to be brought together.

Initiated and powered by Dinalog, the Government of the Netherlands and the World Bank have taken a first step in this direction and established the first Multi Donor Trust Fund for Sustainable Logistics (MDTF–SL) in September 2013. The MDTF-SL focuses on three thematic areas, or pillars:
1. Green Supply Chains: developing transport corridors and logistics services that minimize the environmental footprint and greenhouse gases of delivered goods.
2. Agro-logistics: improving food security though reduction of food losses during transit, bolstering both global food availability and income for farmers.
3. Urban Logistics and Port-city Development: reducing urban congestion resulting from the retail distribution of goods and improving the sustainable design and operation of port-cities.
Furthermore, the Global Knowledge Network related to the MDTF-SL will consolidate the knowledge and methodologies and enhance the MDTF-SL’s components and the Worldbank’s practice.

Under auspices of the MDTF-SL, Dinalog organized the first annual Conference on Sustainable Logistics in February 2014. Dinalog is also an observer of the Program Council of the MDTF-SL. Finally, Dinalog acts as liaison for the World Bank for knowledge and access to Dutch logistics expertise and practices for their clients

Facts & Figures

  • 80-100 attendees Conference on Sustainable Logistics
  • establishing Multi Donor Trust Fund

Startdate: 31 Dec 2013
Enddate: 29 Jun 2014