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Remco Overwater, managing director Dinalog, moves to Siemens

Dinalog managing director Dr. Remco Overwater bids farewell to the institute he has been involved with from the start. From July 1 he is to start as Head of Sales and Project Execution at Siemens Post, Parcel & Airport Logistics (SPPAL). He is succeeded by Prof. Dr. Albert Veenstra. 

Overwater’s departure does not come as a total surprise. As the managing director at Dinalog, he was jointly responsible for Dinalog’s transition to TKI Dinalog that is to take place this July. “The merger is close to completion”, says Overwater, “I will certainly miss Dinalog, but it is time for something new and I am leaving the institute in safe hands”.

Willem Heeren (chair Dinalog): “We understand his decision. He leaves a solid institute behind him, ready for the future and focused on tackling the new innovative developments in logistics and the supply chain sector”. Overwater’s tasks will be picked up by scientific director, Prof. Dr. Albert Veenstra. “Remco Overwater and I have worked hard together on the transition, and the results speak for themselves. We have a good and rapidly growing project portfolio”, says Veenstra.

Together with the NWO and TNO, Dinalog plays a central role in the Top Sector Logistics, especially in the design and execution of the research agenda for innovation in logistics and the supply chain sector. At the current time there are 50 projects running, all based on public-private consortia (PPS construction).

Dinalog driven by open innovation. 

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