Cross Chain Control Collaboration (4C)

SoCool@EU Cluster Workshops

Five regions represent essential areas of logistics (deep-sea hubs, airports, land-hubs and short-sea hubs) and build the network of logistics gateways in Europe. SoCool@EU is based on the ambition to create an open European platform for EU excellence with specific joint projects in sustainable and competitive supply chains and logistics connected with hubs and gateways. This European platform will enable research-driven regional clusters throughout Europe to collaborate and mutually learn in order to achieve more sustainable and competitive freight gateways and hubs with associated logistical services and transport operations. After its establishment, the platform will be open for participation by other regional clusters with a logistics profile from Europe and beyond. The SoCool@EU consortium will actively promote this participation by other regional clusters.
In the context of the project, a detailed analysis of the participating clusters regarding their competitive profiles in logistics and transport was conducted. The methodological approach used to analyze the clusters is a multi-method design based on qualitative and quantitative elements.

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