Cross Chain Control Collaboration (4C)

SoCool@EU Mentoring Action Plan

The objective of this Mentoring Action Plan is to develop a strategy on how to establish successful triple-helix cluster cooperation in the Mersin region. The Mentoring Action Plan is a working document that is reviewed based on new knowledge from companies, universities, and authorities in the Mersin region which is gathered through interviews and a stakeholder workshop in October 2013.
The Mentoring Action Plan is mainly based on the experiences from the mature clusters in the SoCool@EU project, which are:
– Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (DINALOG), Netherlands South West & Flanders Cluster – The Netherlands / Belgium
– House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM), Rhein-Main Region – Germany
– Asociación Logística Innovadora de Aragón (ALIA), Region of Aragón – Spain
– Lund University, Øresund Region – Denmark / Sweden
The Mentoring Action Plan identifies and discusses the most important parameters, which need to be taken into account when establishing a cluster initiative. These are: Different models for structuring the cluster’s initiative; Feasibility of the different organisation models; Funding; Involvement of stakeholders – adaptation of Triple Helix and Fields of Action of the Mersin Logistics Cluster. The following Fields of Action are identified: (1) policy strategy; (2) governance, management and finance; (3) infrastructure; and (4) supporting systems & services.

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