International collaboration

Successful promotion reinforces The Netherlands as global logistics player

The Netherlands remains particularly attractive as a business location for foreign companies and organisations. Already for many years our business climate is considered to be exceptionally good; in the area of rules on customs provisions as well as in the area of taxes, energy, labour and general provisions. Comparing these factors to other developed European countries, The Netherlands leads the way.

What makes The Netherlands such an attractive location to relocate? To name a few: central location in Europe, proximity
to the European market, The Netherlands as a trading nation, excellent accessibility and infrastructure, advanced
communication networks, available talent. But above all: the number 1 position as logistics hub. The specific knowledge
in the area of logistic innovations makes us a global player on the highest level, which is unanimously respected as a result
of using the well-known promotion platform Holland Logistics Library. The Library is the national information base promoting
our message globally with sector specific propositions. Using the film Holland Knows The Way as well as the new international logistics propositions has firmly established The Netherlands abroad. At the same time, the persuasiveness of the Library toward foreign interest and the comprehensive information provision play an essential role in establishing The Netherlands as a business location in the European market.

In the fourth year we continue to see the enthusiasm for the Library grow. There is an increasing number of visitors and
more registered users benefiting daily from this treasury filled with specialised information. Furthermore, anyone active in
the Logistics Sector can contribute free of charge. The Library likes to share all valuable input with the international logistics
community; because the platform does not only function as an instrument to promote Holland Logistics, but it is also
regularly consulted by interested parties abroad as a valuable information tool, which was to be expected, because Holland
Knows The Way.


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