Do you have an innovative idea? Are you looking for opportunities for innovation for your company? Or do you want to start a project? TKI Dinalog is glad to be of help. We innovate together.


Advice and financial support

Helping innovative start-ups, establishing Research & Development or helping SMEs with new technologies and optimizing your business processes. That’s what we’re here for. We do this through providing advice and with financial support. Because finding your way through the jungle of grants and financing schemes can be tricky, we are most interested in discussing this with you personally.

R&D research

Are you from a university or a company that champions innovation? In the R&D projects TKI Dinalog supports the work of universities in close cooperation with commerce. We call this a Public Private Cooperation (PPC).

Please contact Paul Huijbregts

Demo research

As an SME entrepreneur you cannot afford to sit still. Continuing to rejuvenate yourself helps to keep your company efficient, to reduce costs and keep the burden on the environment as low as possible. TKI Dinalog can support you with for example computerization, improvement projects or finding partners for your innovative ideas. We also support start-ups.

Please contact Coen de Lange

International projects

Can we be of assistance in the export of your knowledge and expertise? Have you considered supporting an emerging economy with your product? Or perhaps you are looking for international partners for a new project. TKI Dinalog is active worldwide. We work with the World Bank, Platform Buitenlandpromotie (promotion abroad), LivingLabsLogistics Indonesia and we are politically active in Brussels through our participation in ALICE.

Please contact Liesbeth Staps