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The Cool Connection: Global Student Challenge

The second edition of the Global Student Challenge is about to kick into the next gear as we are starting to count down the last weeks of the qualification phase. Due to popular demand the Suplly Chain Finance Community have extended the deadline to October 30th.

We are delighted to see the number of registrations take off now that the school semester is starting up again. Students and teachers from more than 600 universities and business schools, representing 90 different countries have already joined the Challenge. Their first goal is to reach the Global Rounds which will kick off on November 2nd and become their country’s top team.

The Global Student Challenge aims at identifying and educating the best student talents worldwide and connecting them with the corporate sector. To further increase the learning experience in addition to the teacher we are introducing the corporate coach! This way students can learn from the experience of professionals and increase their performance. However, the number of corporate coaches is limited. Only teams that meet the qualification criteria by October 15th are eligible. Read more in our FAQ section. Contact us at if you are interested in becoming a corporate coach.

The Global Student Challenge has joined forces with The Talent Connection! The Talent Connection offers an exclusive, by invitation only, talent program now also open to our Challenge participants. The Talent Connection allows world’s top corporations to search for students with a specific skill set on a global scale. Students successful in the Challenge possess these skills which is demonstrated by their results in The Cool Connection business simulation, the assignments during the Global Rounds and the assessments. The results from the Challenge help create unique student profiles differentiating them from the main stream. The Talent Connection facilitates in both internship and job opportunities, opening doors to an exciting (international) career. We look forward to seeing our Challengers of today become the business leaders of tomorrow.

In last month’s mini contest all teams complete before September 15th had a chance of winning an elearning track. The team Nedians of NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi was the winner.

Back in contest mode we are excited to announce the upcoming Photo contest at the Global Student Challenge Arena. This year we are also opening it up to all participants from the qualification rounds. Compete for a chance of winning an e-learning track or a special online seminar with a trainer for The Cool Connection at the start of Global Round 3 by the end of November.

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