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The logistics data sharing infrastructure – whitepaper

Digitization of supply and logistics chains offers both opportunities and threats to the logistics sector. Opportunities can be found in a rapidly growing data economy driving new business models and digital ecosystems and platforms and more efficient supply chains. As data is increasingly considered a valuable asset in the emerging data economy, the (r)evolution towards a more data driven digital logistics collaboration environment is currently gaining major interest. The Dutch Topsector Logistics has recognized these opportunities of data driven logistics as one of its three priority themes. This addresses both the importance of data driven decision making referred to as ‘advanced data use’ and the role of an adequate ‘data sharing infrastructure’.

Digitization has resulted in the growing dependence of logistics on digital platforms and technology. This data sharing infrastructure is an important topic in research and innovation. This whitepaper covers the needs and developments of data infrastructure to share logistics data and provides a development roadmap towards a successful data sharing infrastructure. The paper also includes a set of representative use cases for the three application areas of the Topsector Logistics: Cities, Multimodal Nodes and Corridors, and Supply Chains.

The white paper originates in the DL4LD research project and provides a broad perspective and input for the researh agenda of the Topsector Logistics. It is the result of a collaboration effort between TNO, DL4LD project partners, the University of Twente, with active involvement of TKI Dinalog. Principal researchers have contributed from the DL4LD, the CLiCKS and the ICCOS projects:

Data Logistics for Logistics Data (DL4LD)

IDS Connector Store and Interoperability Simulator for SMEs (CLiCKS)

Industry 4.0 driven Supply Chain Coordination for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (ICCOS)

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