International collaboration

The official launch of ALICE

The EU-funded project WINN (European Platform Driving KnoWledge to INNovation in Freight Logistics) aims to establish a broad collaboration framework built upon main stakeholders operating at European level, national and regional triple helix networks that include public bodies, companies, and research centres of excellence in logistics operating in different countries in Europe. This will be the basis to constitute the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Logistics. WINN is the tool to support the development and coordination of the ETP on Logistics. The new ETP will be led by industry, and will constitute a discussion platform of industry and authorities where joint financial and business plans and eventually legislative actions to support research may be established.

The European Technology Platform on Logistics, which was given the name Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE), was launched on 11 June 2013 in Brussels. The Steering Group (SG) was appointed, and the terms of reference were approved by the SG. In addition, the SG determined the research and innovation areas (i.e. the scope of the ETP). The new platform is established to develop a comprehensive strategy for research and innovation in the area of logistics and supply chain management in Europe, and for deployment of results. The platform will support the new EU Programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020.

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