Cross Chain Control Collaboration (4C)

Transnational workshop ‘Green supply chain’

During the workshop, that took place on November 10th 2015, 29 representatives from industry (including SMEs), authorities, academia and logistics shared their views and experiences on innovative concepts and experience (e.g. regional R&D and innovation projects) to improve both knowledge and awareness of green logistics.

The simple idea of sustainability

After the official opening by Meng Lu (Dinalog), Sergio Barbarino (Procter & Gamble) devoted his  keynote ‘P&G requirements for Sustainable Logistics Innovation’ to the fact that true sustainability should add value to the entire chain, and should not result in extra costs. He illustrated this with some practical examples from Procter & Gamble.

In addition, Sergio discussed a number of trends and current problems that deserve more attention, including the trailing interest in cooperation within the logistics sector, and the illusion that many companies truly understand “Customer Demand”.

Major global challenges

During the second keynote ‘Challenges and opportunities’, Francoise van den Broek (Professor Logistics & Sustainability – NHTV) discussed the greatest challenges that will face the world in the coming years. Including: the growth in population to seven billion ??, the increasingly ageing population, climate change and the still immense consumption of fossil fuels in favor of sustainable fuels.

Specific objectives were set based on these problems by the leading institutions, but open innovation in the sustainable sector has to remain center stage if these challenges are to succeed. The recycling of materials, the new technologies (control towers, unmanned vehicles) and increasing end-to-end visibility are just a few of the many initiatives that contribute to this.

The world of sustainability

In addition to these two keynotes, it was down to the participants to share their initiatives, concepts and insights. A small selection of the topics discussed: Cycle logistics, High Capacity Transport, Supply Chain Finance, the simplification of Supply Chains and the establishment of horizontal alliances.

See the complete list of presenters and presentations available below.

The workshop was organized by the EU-funded project SoCool@EU (Sustainable Organization between Clusters Of Optimized Logistics @ Europe) in collaboration with Dinalog.

For more information, please contact Meng Lu, Dinalog, the Netherlands,



Austrian Mobility Research – Graz, Austria: Susanne Wrighton

Chalmers University of Technology – Göteborg, Sweden: Per Olof Arnäs

LUND-University – Lund, Sweden: Hajnalka Bodnar and Andrew Cardinali

Connekt – Delft, the Netherland: Harsha Dijk

Centre for Logistics & Traffic, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany: Albert Hölzle

House of Logistics and Mobility – Frankfurt, Germany: Pascal Huther

Windesheim University – Zwolle, the Netherlands: Luca Gelsomino

Mooville – Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, France: Muses

Other presentations were done by: (download not available)

Dinalog – Breda, the Netherlands: Arjan Vermeulen

Blue Rock Logistics – Breda, the Netherlands: Wouter Lammerse

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