Air Freight conferentie 2020

De productie van het Covid-19 vaccin is de eerste stap naar het einde van de pandemie. Hét logistieke vraagstuk van 2021 wordt: hoe zorgen we voor een wereldwijde distributie die eerlijk, veilig en vooral snel is. Dit is het centrale thema tijdens de Air Freight Conference (online event) op donderdag 17 & vrijdag 18 december aanstaande. 

Topsprekers uit de vaccin logistiek

  • ALBERT VEENSTRA – Wetenschappelijk directeur TKI Dinalog – Topsector Logistiek
  • KATHLEEN BUCKLEY – Director, Inter-Regional Transport Excellence, Consumer/Pharma, Johnson & Johnson
  • MARCEL KUIJN – Global Head of Pharmaceutical Logistics, Air France KLM
  • NIELS VAN NAMEN – EVP Global Healthcare, CEVA Logistics
  • HARALD NUSSER – Head of Novartis Social Business, Re-imagining Private Sector Engagement in Global Health
  • AMIT THAKKER – Executive Chairman, Africa Health Business

Gratis deelname voor abonnees van Nieuwsblad Transport
Neem deel op 17 & 18 december. Deelname aan deze conferentie is gratis voor abonnees van Nieuwsblad Transport. Schrijf u nu in.
De voertaal van het event is Engels.


Developing the Covid-19 vaccine is only the first step in battling the pandemic. The next is distribution. A wide variety of vaccines is set to be distributed around the globe in the upcoming months. This sets the world of logistics for a great challenge. Solving this puzzle will be the topic of the multi-stage online Air Freight Conference on 17 and 18 December.

Key challenges in vaccine distribution
– What are the vaccines the world can expect?
– What are the specific transportation characteristics (temperature, packaging, etc.)
– Where will the production plants produce the vaccines
– Availability of warehouses, infrastructure and logistical means
– What modalities are in play for the last mile

For all professionals in vaccine distribution
This event will be broadcasted online. From multiple studios there will be a professional stream with a lot of possibilities to interact with the stage, meet other participants one-on-one and gain crucial insights in this complex topic. The event is meant for supply chain specialists such as: shippers, carriers, logistics service providers, governments, NGO’s, (air)ports and other stakeholders.

Click here for more information and the programm.

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