German-Dutch Artificial Intelligence Event

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the important technologies shaping our societies’ futures. Research institutes in Germany and the Netherlands are doing world-renowned research on AI. Together with German partners, we want to give companies, knowledge institutes and experts the opportunity to start or strengthen AI innovations and business cooperations. Government officials will tell you all about policy developments. Scientists will share their latest AI insights, and our National Contact Points will inform you on funding possibilities from the European Union.


For whom

The German-Dutch AI Event is open to all companies, knowledge institutes, clusters and start-ups looking to expand their cooperation in either Germany or the Netherlands.



The R&D session will give Dutch and German participants an overview of upcoming European Union calls (Horizon Europe, EUREKA, and so on). This is the basis for the matchmaking session where participants can look for relevant counterparts. In the afternoon separate AI Expert Meetings will take place on Smart Industry, Healthcare, Mobility, Agri-Food and Data Sharing. After the separate meetings, we offer you the opportunity to find business partners.

The program will provide you with:

–  information on government AI strategy and policy;
–  information on how Dutch and German clusters can support companies and
knowledge institutes;
–  insights into the latest scientific developments from AI scientists;
–  possibilities for funding within the EU framework.



More information

For more details, questions about the mission, please contact

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