Interim Project Meeting NWO – TKI Dinalog

Op 7 maart organiseren NWO en TKI Dinalog een Interim Project Meeting in Utrecht. Dit evenement is enkel voor genodigden, aanmelden is dan ook niet mogelijk.

In collaboration with the standing Programme Committee of TKI Dinalog (PC), TKI Dinalog is organising an Interim Project Meeting to facilitate interaction with the PC and between research projects in the Top Sector Logistics.

The Interim Project Meeting is divided into 3 rounds. Each round will have 3 parallel sessions, based on the different roadmaps.

The research teams of the projects and two or three consortium members from business or governmental organisations are invited to join this meeting. To make the sessions as fruitful as possible, the projects have been asked to prepare a presentation of maximum seven minutes, given in English. The presentations will address the following 3 leading questions:

1. What societal challenges does the project want to tackle?
2. What research methods are being used?
3. What are the (intermediate) results: research results as well as valorisation / practical results / impact?

A Q&A session will follow the presentation and will take about 30 minutes. The Programme Committee will take the opportunity to pose the questions they have regarding the project’s progress, its impact for society, etcetera.

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