Midterm Logistics Innovation Conference

Following a successful first MTC edition in 2017, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) will host a second conference on 11 February 2020, in collaboration with TKI Dinalog. This conference is based on a large number of ongoing, recently completed and newly started research projects from the Top Sector Logistics and will take place through the substantive priority themes that were recently identified in the new 2020 – 2023 Action Agenda for the Top Sector Logistics. 

As part of the innovation programme, NWO and TKI Dinalog organize the conference for interaction with and between the researchers and partners from all the ongoing research projects within the logistics Top Sector.

The aim is:
• to create interaction with and between the different researchers, industry partners and projects to discuss the state of the art in (scientific) knowledge and main results for the industry
• to identity further future research needs for the new Action Agenda for 2020 – 2023.


The Conference will be organised along the new priority themes of the new Action Agenda: Sustainable logistics, Data driven logistics and Chain management.

Sustainable logistics
This theme focuses on emission reduction in transport and logistics and defining together with companies the best transition paths to zero emission logistics. Realizing this transition asks for 1) innovation in fuels, 2) the application of new technology in engines and vehicles and 3) logistics optimisation and behavioural change. Although all three are important, emphasis will be on logistics optimisation and behavioural change. Another important topic is the transition to a circular economy and reducing waste in supply chains. Logistics can play an essential role in this transition. The sessions will be on Sustainble logistics (in the morning) and Sustainable energy driven logistics and Logistics for sustainable processes (in the afternoon).

Track 1A: Sustainable energy driven logistics
Track 1B: Logistics for sustainable processes

Towards sustainable and competitive logistics: From zero emission city logistics to collaboration in supply chains. From performance measurement to circular value propositions. From service logistics for offshore energy production to adaptive road and water infrastructure. We will explore the state-of-art and future of sustainable energy driven logistics and logistics for sustainable processes at the MTC.

Data driven logistics
This theme focuses on effective data and information exchange to improve supply chain processes. Supply chain visibility, transparency and accuracy of information are essential for transport and logistics. Further digitisation will have a clear impact on supply chains. Innovation in IT-infrastructure, data exchange and cybersecurity therefore remain central topics. Further research should focus on technical opportunities for real-time data monitoring and exchange, smart data analysis with artificial intelligence, processing data to forecasts and associated business model development. Attention should also be payed to the development of accessible low-cost solutions for modernization of IT-systems, especially for SMEs. The parallel sessions will be Advanced data use and Data sharing infrastructure.

Track 2A: Advanced data use
Track 2B: Data sharing infrastructure 

Supply Chain Coordination
This theme focuses on optimal supply chain coordination and collaboration. Dynamic planning solutions on operational, tactical and strategic level and control tower functionality were already important research topics. Further research should continue to focus on advanced supply chain design, including planning integration, pricing, financing and new models for supervision of international flows of goods. But focus should also be on soft factors like trust and other preconditions for supply chain collaboration. In addition to research it is important to make developed concepts applicable and broadly implemented. Special attention should be given to the position and behaviour of SMEs and the role of governments. The parallel sessions will be Local networks and Global Supply Chains.

Track 3A: Local networks 
Track 3B: Global supply chains 

In the morning we discussed the state of the art in the different thematic sub-sessions and the future priorities for the implementation program in the afternoon.

Please note: The main language of the conference will be English.

During the conference we will be joined by three international experts, who will act as observers for an objective and international perspective on innovations in the logistics industry.

Angela Bergantino (MSc, PhD) is full professor of Applied Economics at the University of Bari and currently the President of the Italian Scientific Association of Transport Economics and Logistics (SIET). She has a wide experience of research and teaching in international institutions. She is in the Board of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and President of the Evaluation Body of the Port Authority of Trieste. She has published widely on top class academic journals. She is active as a consultant for private and public organisations including Ministries (Transport; Finance; Treasury), a number of Italian regional and local authorities, Airport and Port Authorities; Shipping associations; Public Utilities Regulatory Authority; international organisations (OECD; Unctad).

Alan McKinnon is Professor of Logistics in the Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg and Professor Emeritus at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. A graduate of the universities of Aberdeen, British Columbia and London, he has been researching and teaching freight transport / logistics for 40 years and been an adviser to several governments, parliamentary committees and international organisations.

Moritz Fleischmann is Professor and holds the Chair of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of Mannheim. There he also currently serves as Vice Dean of the Business School. Moritz holds a PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research addresses various topics in supply chain management, with a current focus on inventory management, last-mile distribution, and closed-loop supply chains. He has worked with major corporations in these fields.

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