Mini symposium Advanced Planning & Scheduling

We warmly invite you for the Mini symposium on March 23rd, 2018 on Advanced Planning & Scheduling: What have we learned?

Presenting the book ‘Designing, selecting, implementing and using APS systems’

Over the last decades, information systems (IS) for advanced planning and scheduling (APS, also known as Supply Chain Planning & Optimization) have undergone huge changes. Initially positioned as nearly magical tools that would optimize supply chains with the push of a button, expectations on APS are now more realistic: implementations can be very challenging, benefits may or may not be achieved as a result, integration with existing systems can bring headache to IS specialists. The book recently published by Springer “Designing, selecting, implementing and using APS systems” by Vincent Wiers and Ton de Kok attempts to increase the success rate of APS usage. Completely dedicated to APS systems, the concept of the book is new, while it builds upon work of others such as the seminal Springer book on “Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning” by Stadtler, Kilger and Meyr.

15:00 Herbert Meyr, Advanced Planning (& Scheduling) Systems between yesterday and tomorrow
15:40 Ton de Kok, APS systems, uncertainty and feedback loops
16:20 Vincent Wiers, What makes an APS project successful?
17:00 Official handover of book to Will Bertrand
17:15 Drinks

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