Port Logistics: What’s next?

Physical Internet, hyperconnected Logistics, automation, robotics, autonomous vehicle enablers: what is the impact on the operation of ports and how does it transform the role of ports for regional development, industry participation, and worldwide supply chains?

Join us at the conference Port Logistics: What’s Next? in the Port of Savannah, USA on April 10-11 2017.

The event is conducted through a partnership of Dinalog, the Holland Logistics Network, the Port of Rotterdam, Georgia Ports Authority, and co-organized by the University of Groningen, the Georgia Tech Physical Internet Center, and the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL).  Participants are leaders from academia and industry.

The conference features interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to supply chain management and logistics in Port operations and development, as well as poster sessions on innovative research and ample opportunities for networking.  

Workshop themes include:

·       Port Logistics in the Physical Internet Era

·       New Port Roles as Industry Interconnectors and Regional Development Enablers

·       Hyperconnected Logistics: Automation, Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle Enablers

·       The Transformative Impact of Larger Ships on Ports and Supply Chains

 Register here! www.scl.gatech.edu/portworkshop2017/details

As places are limited, we have to confirm your participation after receiving the registration.

Port Logistics Conference

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