Synchromodality Game Marathon

This is a unique opportunity to play the Mastershipper game and the Rail Cargo Challenge Amsterdam; two games that focus on advantages and challenges of sycnhromodal transportation.

After game play you can reflect on and discuss the challenges and possible measures towards the realization of synchromodal transportation. We will collect valuable data to develop informed models on synchromodal transportation; valuable tools that can help you take advantage of this innovative way of shipping.

The marathon will be held on April, 24th, 13.00-18.00h, at
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Jaffalaan 5, 2628GA Delft
Rooms I and J, 1st floor, A-wing

Please forward this invitation to other interested parties and register for a place in the workshop by sending an email to Dr. Ioanna Kourounioti,

This marathon is part of the SycnhroGaming project, a research project of TNO, TU Delft, ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat, SmartPort, Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, InThere, and The Barn, funded by TKI Dinalog.

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