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WPH2017 terugblik: Dock Tech #1 & SmartPort Prize

De vijfde editie van de WPH is achter de rug. En succesvol volgens bezoekers en deelnemers. Dit jaar voor het eerst vergezelde ook een conferentie de Hackathon. Albert Veenstra, Wetenschappelijk directeur van TKI Dinalog, blikt terug op deze en voorgaande edities.

Winnaars van de hackathon waren er ook. Hieronder alle winnende teams op een rij:

Dock Tech #1 & SmartPort Prize

Dock Tech build a prototype that provides insight in the right moments for dredging the waterways. Various data sources like schedules and depth information are combined into a single overview. The solution includes an algorithm that enhances the resolution and creates forecasts through combining low-res crowd-sourced depth measurements.

Strawberry #2

Strawberry created a solution that caters for the transition towards autonomous shipping. Manned and unmanned vessels can coordinate their journey in the port and on the waterways in a safe way!

N^2 – LaunchLab and PortXL prize

N^2 created a demonstrator that provides insights in the way various networks are intertwined. The connectedness, the dependency and the potential impact of a disruption are visualized on maps, and over time.

MariTimeSeries – Discovery Day 

MariTimeSeries developed a platform to share data within the supply chain! Containers and the documents are shared and this allows for better efficiency and less CO2 footprint.

De Biggetjes – Discovery Day

De biggetjes build a solution that predicts where incidents occur and optimizes the officer positions on (expected) events. In this way an average time of 6.5 minutes can be saved, which are crucial minutes in incident management.

Care Bears – Discovery Day

Care Bears build a solution for social travel. Citizens get insight in the different options and consequences for the city as a whole when choosing a specific trip. They will be rewarded for choices that contribute to the overall improvement of the city.

Qquest – Discovery Day

Team QQuest developed a solution to enable higher supply chain transparency. The various actors in the supply chain are supported with the right tools and can collaborate and share data. In the solution you can see which stakeholder in the chain demands what kind of data.

Searoutes – Discovery Day

Searoutes developed a tool that provides insight in the actual usage of tugboats based on the AIS. It provides the skipper with insight how they can save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

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