TKI Dinalog: we innovate together

TKI Dinalog is the Top Consortium Knowledge and Innovation in which companies, knowledge institutions and government work on the innovation program of the Top Sector Logistics. TKI Dinalog has been stimulating the development of applicable knowledge for innovations in logistics and international supply chains since 2009. We do this by (co)financing research and innovation projects in which we bring together different stakeholders. For funding, we collaborate with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, and the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Our focus

With input from knowledge institutions, business, and government, we as a team periodically determine a knowledge agenda in line with our vision and mission. Based on that knowledge agenda, we use “open calls” to call on companies and knowledge institutions to jointly submit project proposals. We also support bringing different parties together around relevant themes. When awarding project funding, the TKI Board seeks advice from the Program Committee. In addition, we organize events, workshops, and lectures to widely share the knowledge developed in the projects and make it available.

The Top Sector Logistics is one of the nine original Top Sectors. Top sectors strengthen the economy with innovations, by exploiting international opportunities, solving societal challenges, increasing human capital, and investing in scientific research.

Who works at TKI Dinalog?

Executive board: 

  • Robert van der Waal, chairman
  • Martijn Stamm, TNO
  • Ronald Paul
  • Jannine van Lieshout, treasurer
  • Ale Smidts, NWO

The board also a listener: a representative from the Ministry of Economic Affairs/RVO in the person of Mr. Jeroen Heijs.

The programcommission: 

  • Prof. dr. ir. Sander de Leeuw (Wageningen Universiteit & Researchcentre) (Voorzitter)
  • Prof. dr. Maria Iacob (Universiteit Twente)
  • Prof. dr. Pascale Le Blanc (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
  • Prof. dr. Albert Veenstra (Dinalog/TU/e)
  • Prof. dr. Wout Dullaert (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Dr. ir. Albert Douma (Friesland Campina)
  • Dr. Peter Tielemans (Involvation)
  • Jeroen Borst (Kuehne & Nagel)
  • Luc Scheidel (Schiphol)
  • Sieds Halbesma (IenW)
  • Liesbeth Brügemann (TKI Dinalog, secretaris)


Niels Agatz | Scientific director
Bas van Bree | Opertational director


Paul Huijbregts  |  Programmanager/secretariaat TKI
Liesbeth Brügemann | Programmanager
Robert Ossevoort| Programmanager
Niels Sneek| Programmanager
Felicita Viglietti  |  Controller
Simone van der Velden  |  Management Assistant and Marketing