TKI-Dinalog: driven by open innovation

The logistics sector is of enormous economic importance to the Netherlands. Together we generate 55 billion euro annually and provide employment for 813,000 people. Above all, it is a most important service that is an integral part of all sorts of other (top) sectors. So it really is in the interest of the Netherlands that the logistics sector is maintained and strengthened.

A number of main players in logistics came together in 2006 to consider how we could best approach this. This became the Laarhoven committee. The result of this committee was that an institute was created to boost innovation in logistics. The idea for Dinalog was born. Dinalog was established in 2009 and with it dozens of projects in which we started to bring about innovation in logistics. In 2015 it was time, due to changes in the top sector policy, to organize matters differently: TKI-Dinalog.

TKI (Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation) is the cooperation within which Dinalog, TNO and NWO act jointly to boost innovation in logistics. Dinalog was transformed into TKI-Dinalog to create a single clear point of contact for commerce for this cooperation. The mission of the Top Sector Logistics is as plain as day: in 2020 we want to be the best logistics sector in the world. We cannot do this alone: we innovate together.


The logistics sector is huge. This is why TKI has set out a number of roadmaps on which we intend to focus in the coming years:

  • NLIP (Neutral Logistics Information Platform): the development of an open ICT infrastructure for the logistics sector;
  • Synchromodality: the promotion of integrated multimodal transport;
  • Service logistics: the strengthening of logistics-related services;
  • Cross-chain collaboration centers: the facilitation of bundling of freight;
  • Trade Compliance and Border Management: the reduction of the burden of supervision in logistics supply chains;
  • Supply chain finance: the integration of knowledge of finance in supply chains.
  • Smart ICT: the development of (generic) information systems
  • Human capital: introducing the results of research and innovation into the sector through education and training.

Want to know more about the program lines for a specific roadmap? Please contact the program developer.

In addition to the roadmaps, we are dedicated to the internationalization of Dutch innovation in the logistics sector. We do this through the Platform for Foreign Promotion, the European ETP-logistics ALICE, Living Lab Logistics Indonesia and other international cooperation.

How do we work?

TKI-Dinalog, NWO, TNO want to structurally improve the cooperation between commerce, knowledge institutes and government. In this cooperation we work hard on innovation, but also on sharing knowledge, experience and results.

We work on 3 types of projects: fundamental, industrial and experimental. With this categorization we believe we can support the entire industry. Because both strictly theoretical science (fundamental) and applied science (industrial) are welcome. In addition, organizations can run pilots with the acquired knowledge (experimental).

Program developers for the specific roadmaps assess the knowledge requirement for each individual roadmap. We sometimes do this with open calls: an appeal to commerce and science for submitting a project proposal together. We sometimes draw attention to a need or development ourselves and bring parties together to provide appropriate interpretation. Sometimes we see an entirely new requirement arise for which there is no program line or roadmap available. Together with the management we assess if we can satisfy this need through creating a new roadmap or through expanding the focus of a current one.

If you are interested in additional information about this construction, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are only too happy to explain how it all works.


Who works at TKI Dinalog?

Executive board: 

  • Willem Heeren, Jan de Rijk / Dinalog (chairman)
  • Ellen Lastdrager, TNO
  • Bart Schoonderwoerd, de Technische Unie
  • Jannine van Lieshout, Nedcargo
  • Ale Smidts, NWO.

The programcommission: 

  • Prof. dr. Jos van Hillegersberg (UTwente) (Chairman)
  • Mieke Damen (Morgownik & Damen BV)
  • Prof. dr. Rommert Dekker (EUR)
  • Dick van Damme (HvA)
  • Prof. dr. Yaohua Tan (TU Delft)
  • Prof. dr. Ruud Teunter (RUG)
  • Prof. dr. Albert Veenstra (Dinalog/TU/e)
  • Jannie van Andel (Unilever)
  • Ben Gräve (Service Logistics Forum)
  • Edwin Wenink (Flora Holland)
  • Emiel Reiding (IenM)


  • Michiel Haarman, Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP)
  • Jaco van Meijeren, TNO (Synchromodality)
  • Albert Veenstra, TKI Dinalog (Douane)
  • Bas van Bree, TKI Dinalog (Cross-Chain Collaboration Centers (4C))
  • Jasper de Graaf, TKI Dinalog ( Service Logistics)
  • Liesbeth Staps, TKI Dinalog (Human Capital/International collaboration)


Albert Veenstra | Scientific director


Paul Huijbregts  |  Program manager/secretariaat TKI
Bas van Bree | Program developer 4C
Liesbeth Staps  | Program developer Human Capital/Internationaal
Coen de Lange  | Program developer MKB kennisverspreiding
Jasper de Graaf | Program developer Service Logistiek
Felicita Viglietti  |  Controller
Sulak Perré  |  Financial administrator
Ad Weijdt | Financial administrator
Simone van der Velden  |  Management Assistant en Marketing