Call for Proposals National Knowledge Agenda Logistics 2024 NOW OPEN!

The first research call in 2024 in this TKI PPS focuses on the new National Knowledge Agenda Logistics, developed by TKI Dinalog in cooperation with various stakeholders, including knowledge institutions, companies and government. The knowledge agenda focuses on strategic, transdisciplinary knowledge questions for practical applications and aims at cooperation between knowledge institutions, companies, governments and social agencies to develop innovations for fundamental and sustainable system changes within the logistics sector and broader society.

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Five challenges with general knowledge questions for both short-term innovation of logistics chains and longer-term system changes with logistics as an enabler. The five challenges are:

The five challenges are:

  1. Circular economy
  2. Energy transition and reduction of harmful emissions
  3. Resilience and disruptions
  4. Population growth and demographic developments
  5. Societal earning capacity and broad prosperity.

The total budget available for this research call is 1.7 million euros.

Publication and conditions
With this publication we invite consortia of knowledge institutions and private and possibly public parties to come up with proposals for research projects focused on one or more challenges from the knowledge agenda. Consortia in which several knowledge disciplines and/or universities and practice-oriented researchers (universities of applied sciences and/or TO2 institutions) work together are strongly encouraged.

After publication of this call, consortia have until May 23, 24.00 hours to submit proposals.

Inspiration Workshop March 8
On Friday March 8, 2024 TKI Dinalog is organizing an inspiration workshop for this call. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different knowledge disciplines and provide the opportunity to exchange and connect ideas, in order to arrive at interdisciplinary research proposals and innovative consortia. More information about this workshop will follow after the publication of the call. Click here for more information. 

Ideas or questions?
The program managers of TKI Dinalog are happy to support you in submitting your proposal. For example, we can help you find suitable partners for your idea and provide independent feedback on your proposal. More information or questions? Please contact us by e-mail: or call +31 (0) 76 531 5300.

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