TKI Dinalog sets a new course for logistics research with the National Knowledge Agenda 2024 – 2027

The National Knowledge Agenda for Logistics was developed by TKI Dinalog in collaboration with the Top Team Logistics and other representatives of knowledge institutes, companies and government. TKI Dinalog is the leading independent institute for logistics knowledge development in the Netherlands. Logistics is both a relevant economic sector with many jobs and an enabler that plays an important role in the transition to a sustainable, livable, circular, safe and resilient society.

The Knowledge Agenda has been prepared in conjunction with the new Top Sector Logistics Implementation Program for 2024-2027 along with the missions as formulated in the Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy. The purpose of this new Knowledge Agenda is to be the compass for the coming years for developing research questions and assessing research proposals within TKI Dinalog and in collaboration with NWO/NWA, SIA, crossovers with other TKIs and possible, future Growth Fund initiatives.

“With this Knowledge Agenda we want to provide direction to joint knowledge development, with the aim of contributing from a logistics expertise to solving major societal challenges” (Niels Agatz, Scientific Director TKI Dinalog)

This Knowledge Agenda focuses on knowledge questions that guide practical applications. Combining knowledge development, field experiments and implementation creates a flywheel for the further development of applicable knowledge. From the practical applications, new knowledge questions can follow. The goal is to develop knowledge and innovations in co-creation, i.e. in partnerships between knowledge institutes, companies and governments that contribute to long-term renewal and fundamental system changes within the logistics sector and broader society. In doing so, we build on the knowledge base created in the previous implementation programs and in the international research community.

“The challenges central to the Knowledge Agenda require further co-creation between researchers, companies and governments from different disciplines and domains. The co-creation process for the creation of this agenda in which many stakeholders participated was already a fine and inspiring example.” (Iris Vis, Caption of Science Topsector Logistics)

Central are five challenges with general knowledge questions for both short-term renewal of logistics chains and longer-term systemic change with logistics as an enabler.

The five challenges are:

  1. Circular economy
  2. Energy transition and reducing harmful emissions
  3. Resilience and disruptions
  4. Population growth and demographic trends
  5. Social earning capacity and broad prosperity


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About TKI Dinalog

TKI Dinalog provides direction and stimulates joint knowledge development for the logistics of the future in the Netherlands. Since 2009, we stimulate the development of applicable knowledge for innovations in logistics and international logistics chains. We do this by (co)financing research and innovation projects in which we bring different parties together. For funding, we collaborate with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate policy, and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

About the Top Sector Logistics
In the top sectors, companies, knowledge institutions and governments work together on innovation and knowledge development. Together, government and industry invest in sectors in which the Netherlands has a strong international position and which are essential to the Dutch economy. The Top Sector Logistics is one of those top sectors. The logistics sector makes an important contribution to the GDP and also provides many jobs. The Top Sector Logistics is a collaboration between the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Infrastructure and Water Management, Connekt and TKI Dinalog.

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