Bundling at source location

This challenging project is an initiative of Modint: the retail-supplier organization with around 800 members, representing ca. 75% of the Dutch fashion and textile sector and a total freight budget of over 1 billion Euro.

Cities are more and more congested due to an overload of (freight) transport movements. On a daily base, individual shops receive many small shipments of many different suppliers, each organising their transport individually. “Bundling at source location” aims to do this differently. In this project, multiple suppliers of fashion retail products collaborate horizontally to bundle volumes in Asia and prepare shipments of multiple suppliers sorted for individual stores. This means that shipments containing goods of multiple suppliers are delivered to shops in one go (as opposed to many different shipment deliveries).

Facts & Figures

800 fashion and textile suppliers
Less shipments

Startdate: 27 Nov 2011
Enddate: 30 Nov 2013