Logistics without borders

Logistics in the cross-border region Flanders and the Netherlands

The Operational Programme Interreg IV A Cross-border region Flanders – The Netherlands project aims to create sustainable growth for the cross-border region. This program sets out the framework for cooperation, as it incorporates European, national and provincial guidelines.

The project aims to stimulate increased cooperation and innovation with companies in the region to develop to become a sustainable hub and gateway to Europe. The project components are:

1. Project coordination: intensive knowledge and experience exchange, wide dissemination and successful dialogue and reporting.

2. Communication: Exchange of acquired knowledge to all project partners and the logistics sector/ public domain.

3. Technology mapping: mapping the innovation potential for the sector and, in doing so, initiating application-oriented research with knowledge institutes.

4. Efficient use of space: facilitating the optimum logistics business sites, encouragement of local smart logistics investments in the area of space constraints.

5. Impact projects: projects with impact through their potential for the cross-border region, their exemplary function for the border region or their leading innovation.