International collaboration

Comprehensive freight mapping

Identifying future opportunities for sustainable and more efficient supply chains requires an understanding of current and planned freight transport infrastructure in North West Europe (NWE). Europe’s freight network suffers from congestion and bottlenecks, especially on the roads, but available capacity on other modes, presents opportunities to alleviate this growing issue.

Weastflows partner, Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région du Havre et de l’Estuaire de la Seine (AURH), has undertaken comprehensive qualitative and quantative analysis of freight transport infrastructure from seven countries across NWE. Using Geographical Information System (GIS) data and OpenStreetMap, open data software, this analysis has been transformed into an ‘atlas’ of regional and European maps showing the roads, railways, inland waterways
and coastal infrastructure of NWE, highlighting bottlenecks and congestion points as well as routes that are currently under-utilised.

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