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Impact of innovation: in terminals


The chain is increasing in complexity, and so too the complexity of computerized terminals. Even so, there is little insight into the consequences of decision-making and there are few safe and effective opportunities for training. TBA advises terminals on how they can increase productivity and, at the same time, lower their costs. This takes place employing simulation and emulation technologies: TBA emulates terminal operation in a virtual reality environment. TBA has linked a game engine to a virtual terminal within SALOMO, allowing people to practice with disruptions during standard operations.

 An interview with Mariëtte Koekoek, Project Manager with TBA.

 Subtitle Virtual Reality training
Mariëtte Koekoek: “The future for terminals lies in computerization. Fewer people in the terminal means increased safety. But for the people working there, the chance of serious consequences resulting from an incident are far greater. This is because it is not possible to intervene in a computerized process, this has to take place from a control room. The Safe-T Game is a virtual reality training in which operations in terminals, including the risks and disruptions, are emulated accurately.”

Subtitle Communication and trust
The strength of the game is that multiple roles and aspects of the work in and around the terminal are practiced. Koekoek: “For example, effective communication is essential for resolving problems quickly and safely. A technician has to have 100% confidence that the dispatcher ceases automatic operations in the work place. But then the dispatcher has to be completely up to speed on the technician’s situation. One has the life of the other in his hands, so there must be no other noise on the line.”

“In the future, training scenarios will be developed for every terminal individually and a connection with Oculus Rift will be sought.”

Subtitle Testing the game
The Safe-T Game has been tested in the Rotterdam World Gateway virtual terminal. This revealed that maintenance personnel sometimes run enormous risks. “The game is a powerful teaching tool, it emulates reality very accurately. It can be observed that people continue to behave as they normally do. Through the game, managers learn about all the risks in a completely computerized terminal. Machines cannot always be predicted; when are they going to move and to where? Awareness of the risks is increased after just a single training session.”


  • Linking of a Game Engine to a Virtual Reality Terminal.
  • Linking of a Game Engine to software control of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).
  • Development of roles with mutual communication within the Safe-T Game; dispatcher & technician.

Please contact Paul Huijbregts for more information: huijbregts@dinalog.nl

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